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Constructing Brands

Feb 13, 2020

Episode 5: Leverage the Changing Trends in Housing, with Bill Asdal

Building Materials Companies | Durability and Operating Efficiency in Housing

Bill Asdal started his journey in the construction industry back in 1973 and built his business around strong fundamental principles that promote zero defects, employee fulfillment, continuous lead generation, and customer satisfaction. He honed his craft through years of high-quality builds and remodels. But recently, Bill shifted his focus to durability and operating efficiency with the foundation of American Microhomes. He and his team have built a prototype microhome (<1000 sq/ft.) on the back end of six federal research projects on housing science. And they have been working closely with building materials companies to push the envelope of sustainability with the technology available.

A Change in Housing Trends

The standard home size has been steadily increasing for the last sixty years. But in this day and age, oversized homes are symbolic of overconsumption and excessive use. As the housing trend starts to move in the opposite direction, builders like Bill have encountered a wide variety of hurdles while trying to meet the market’s demands. Housing change comes with significant regulatory barriers, and they are extremely difficult for builders to breach on their own. So, it is a massive opportunity for building materials companies to take new products to market. If they are designed and manufactured in compliance with these regulations, sustainable microhomes can be produced on a much larger scale.

Getting Creative with Building Materials

American housing has upheld an exemplary standard of excellence for quite some time, and its exceptional quality is the reason why most of it is still standing. The core structures are unbelievably well built, but to truly stand the test of time, they must be updated along the way. It takes a lot of creativity to turn old structures into viable housing opportunities for the future, and new products are conducive to new ideas. Building materials companies are in a perfect spot right now because they are in the captain’s seat when it comes to housing industry change. The future is bright as we determine the best way to merge sustainable technology with the current housing stock.

About Bill Asdal

Bill Asdal is a professional educator, builder, and investor. He has been providing quality building and remodeling services since 1973. His mission has been: zero defects, employee fulfillment, continuous lead generation, and customer satisfaction. Through these short goals, his successes are validated.

Diversification has been the key to stability, all the while moving income to assets. Asset acquisition, management, and growth have been the core focus of a balance sheet focused business structure.

Bill has been a winner of numerous technical, historical, professional, and design awards continuing to devote energy to timeless quality and concepts. He was the national chair of the NAHB Remodelers Council, President of his local builder’s association, a state officer, and twice NAHB Instructor of the Year. He served for 12 years and chaired the PATH program for H.U.D.’s Office of Policy Development and Research.

For the past 15 years, Bill does admissions outreach on behalf of the United States Naval Academy while continuing historical restorations for his own portfolio.

What You Will Learn:

  • Bill’s shift in focus to durability and operating efficiency as a builder
  • The evolution of microhomes and next-gen housing
  • Where next-gen housing is headed next
  • How building materials companies can leverage the changing trends in housing
  • How building materials companies can help builders overcome regulatory barriers
  • The different opportunities for new building materials products