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Constructing Brands

Jun 25, 2020

What You Will Learn:

  • What challenges manufacturers face when distributing their product
  • How to market to your end consumer
  • The importance of great customer service

In the latest episode of GWP’s Constructing Brands podcast, we speak with Craig Friedman, CEO of XO Appliance. In this episode, we discuss some of the distribution challenges manufacturers face, and what to keep in mind when marketing, to your target, and your target’s target. Product development is only the beginning, it is equally important to focus on marketing to your end- end consumer, and provide unmatched customer service. Listen to this episode for marketing touchpoints that go beyond a great product.

About Craig Friedman

Craig Friedman began his career in sales at Marketing East. Craig remained in this position for 2 years before becoming a District Sales Manager for Bud Barger Associates for 4 years. Craig then found his way to Eastern Marketing Corp. in 1989 where he became the Vice President for 19 years before becoming CEO in 2008.