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Constructing Brands

Aug 7, 2020

What You Will Learn:

  • What a seasoned expert looks for in a building product and manufacturer

In the latest episode of GWP’s Constructing Brands podcast, we speak with Matt Risinger, host of The Build Show and Founder of Risinger Build. Matt offers us insights in how he’s selected certain building materials and the process by which he tests and vets them for use on his project. Matt’s goal is to elevate the standards of the building industry. Learn what he looks for in his relationship with building manufacturers.

About Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger received his Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Management from Grove City College. He worked for one of the National Production Builders (NVR Ryan Homes) after college where he met his Texan wife in Washington, DC. His 7-year experience with National Production Builders was fun, but didn’t satisfy his desire for “Craftsmanship”. In 2002, he and his family moved to Portland, OR in 2002 during the national mold crisis which led him down the path of Building Science. He wanted to understand why these homes were failing. This helped him learn about the science behind the construction and it’s been his passion ever since. After moving to Texas in 2005, he worked exclusively with architects to build the very best in home craftsmanship using products and skills he can stand behind.